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The martial aspect of this system teaches internal energy and is therefore equally effective against either large or small adversaries. This art teaches the fighter to differentiate between "muscle strength" and "spirit strength." Those who actively integrate this discipline within them, discover a very devastating martial art.


consists of five separate sets of movements, which work on incorporating each of the Five Universal Elements (Wood-Metal-Fire-Water-Earth) throughout the body. Don't let the ease of these low-impact exercises deceive you! They generate an exponential “ripple effect” of internal energy, which people can feel almost immediately. Some practitioners have stated that they generated more internal energy after only a few weeks practicing these exercises rather than after years of practice in other well- known internal arts such as Chi Gung and Tai Chi.


allows the practitioner to open and strengthen the major energy centers of their body. It also dynamically purifies and channels energy from within and without. Combining the forces of the Universe with meditation thus exponentially increases the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of energy through the internal metaphysical dimensional doors. This technological discipline strengthens the energy fields, organs, glands and immune systems of the body while relieving stress. The next phase of San Shen Tan Tien is called the "Fusion of the Five Elements", which teaches the practitioner how to use "negative" emotions such as anger, impatience and sadness by integrating and transforming the “negative” and “positive” vigor into powerful healing forces.

Through the external and internal disciplines, the student begins to learn how to sense and transmit the energy of various elements throughout their body. The practitioner also begins to learn how to understand the dynamic flow of the Yin and Yang. Understanding the Yin and Yang (or Male and Female Hands) allows the practitioner to balance the Male and Female within him/herself. For those wishing to learn self-defense applications may now progress through San Shen Tan Tien.

The power of SSTT-MIT (metaphysical internal technology) can be applied to any form of Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Karate, Krav Maga, Jujitsu, Tai Chi, Tae Kwan Do, etc.); Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation and more. Internal martial arts energy system increases speed and penetrating Chi(x3+) Power.


Special ForcesInside Kung Fu, Mystical Powers

The officer in charge of the combative martial arts program for the United States Army Special Forces was seeking a more viable martial arts system on missions specific to counter-terrorism and insurgency faced by today's field operators. He found the SSTT program when reviewing different martial arts systems on the Internet. The Army Special Forces researched SSTT for 8 months prior to officially contacting and visiting Sifu R. Minoru Hata. The U.S. Army Special Forces officer worked with Sifu R. Minoru Hata to develop an internal, metaphysical martial arts system specifically for them and the U.S. Army Special Forces SSTT program was born.


SSTT(San Shen Tan Tien) published in featured article of "Inside Kung Fu" magazine entitled.. Mystical Powers!

Club Rx Tao

Inside KungFu Magazine
SSTT(San Shen Tan Tien) published in an article of "Inside Kung Fu" magazine entitled.. Mystical Powers!

U.S. Army Special Forces
SSTT develops an internal, metaphysical martial arts system specifically for the U.S. Army Special Forces combative program.

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